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This area is no longer a scattered collection of pioneer homes and businesses, but it still retains a flavour of the original Temperance Colony. The oldest homes in the city are found here alongside Saskatoon 's oldest shopping district.

STOP 9: Rotary Park & Steamboat Monument
Between Idylwyld and Traffic Bridges
Site of Saskatoon 's Greatest Marine Disaster


This stretch of riverbank has seen its share of excitement. In 1908, Saskatoon 's "greatest" marine disaster occurred when the steamboat "City of Medicine Hat " ran into a pier of the Traffic Bridge , capsized, and sank. No lives were lost in the incident.

In Saskatoon's early days other steamboats, right out of a Mark Twain novel, steamed past the fledgling city. Unfortunately, river levels were even more erratic in the late 1800s then they are today and many was the steamboat captain who would have to "grasshopper" his way over sand bars by jamming the steamboat's wood spars into the sand and winching the boat forward foot by hard gained foot.

A monument at the entrance to Rotary Park recognizes the short-lived era of steamboating on the Saskatchewan . Steamboats were soon replaced by a more efficient rail system.



Information provided courtesy of the City of Saskatoon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.