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Each side of the eight-sided dome of Holy Trinity Cathedral depicts the major feasts of the Church and Saints. A decorative border encircles the walls of the Cathedral and many of the icons are enhanced with 22-karat gold.

STOP 81: St. Thomas Wesley United Church/Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral
Corner of Avenue H & 20th Street
Religious Roots Run Deep


Two important churches are found in this area. The first one, St. Thomas Wesley United Church , was built on the corner of Avenue H and 20 th Street in 1912. It was originally St. Thomas Presbyterian Church named in honour of Thomas Copland, a civic and church leader. It eventually amalgamated with Wesley Methodist Church. The nearby Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral at the corner of Avenue J and 20 th Street was started in 1947, but not completed until 1952. The estimated cost of building this cathedral was $60,000, but parish records indicate the costs were nearly five times this amount before the building was finished. A bronze statue of St. Volodymyr, the Baptizer of the Ukraine, was added to the front of the cathedral in 1988.



Information provided courtesy of the City of Saskatoon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.