STOP 27: Calder House
848 Saskatchewan Crescent East
Rooms with a View


Calder House was built in 1912 for Truman Frederick Calder, apparently to replicate a similar house in Toronto that his wife Adella liked. The main floor is over 1475 square feet and the balcony alone covers 317 square feet. It was built at a cost of $15,000. Unfortunately Mr. Calder was struck by lightning in 1914 and killed. The home soon underwent several changes of ownership before being turned into apartments in 1942. Considerable effort has gone into restoring the charm of this prominent river edge building.

The very first "soddie" (sod house) in Saskatoon was built in 1883 on the riverbank near this location. This was also the site of Saskatoon's first potato patch.




Information provided courtesy of the City of Saskatoon Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.