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Our School

Bethlehem Catholic High School opened in August 2007 for students in Grades 9 and 10. It is located at the west end of 22nd Street in what will be the new Blairmore neighbourhood. Our address is: 110 Bowlt Crescent, Saskatoon, S7M 0L1

Bethlehem serves students living on the west side of Circle Drive. This school integrates faith and learning in a distinctive facility featuring a chapel, two gymnasiums and a theatre. We are welcoming and innovative in both design and operation.


Artist's rendering of finished school




Our Partnerships - Reaching out to transform the world

There is a strong focus on social justice at Bethlehem, which is pleased to announce its partnership with Kip Keino High School in Kenya. Read more about the partnership and other social justice initiatives here.


Our school leaders

Principal Scott Gay was appointed in May 2005 and since then was directly involved in the planning, design and construction of the school. Scott, who has worked with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools for 20 years, was previously a principal at Holy Family School in our division. Most recently he was an assistant principal at E.D. Feehan Catholic High School.

Bethlehem's Assistant Principal is Cheryl Thorson. Cheryl has been with the division for more than 20 years.

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Our staff


Picture of Bethlehem Staff

Our staff is a talented group of Catholic educators who come from diverse backgrounds in education. We have staff members from the Catholic high schools in Saskatoon and from some of the neighbourhood elementary schools.

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How to register at Bethlehem

Students interested in attending Bethlehem should call 659-7900. Please click here to view our registration handbook and course offerings for 2007-2008.





This brochure from Saskatoon Transit Services outlines service provided to Bethlehem Catholic High School.


Bethlehem school prayer

You may read our school prayer by following this link.


School construction


Construction of Bethlehem is nearly complete. Work continues on one section of the school, as was planned in the original construction schedule. This work will be complete by November. The pictures available by following the links below show how far we've come in a very short time.

April 12, 2007


May 2007



School colours and logo

We are the Bethlehem Stars! Our school colours and logo are an important part of our identidy. Read about our choices.



Why Bethlehem?

Build Bethlehem Everywhere: A Statement on Catholic Education is the document which provided the inspiration for the naming of Bethlehem Catholic High School. This document calls all partners in Catholic Education to reflect on who we are called to be as Catholic educators in delivering programs to those we serve.

Bethlehem is the birthplace of our faith; the Cradle of Christianity. Bethlehem is the foundation on which our Church and all Christian religions are built. Bethlehem also symbolizes Christ’s presence among us and the journey of the faithful. It also represents Christ’s willingness to welcome all who wish to be part of Christ’s community. This is the inspiration for the naming of Bethlehem Catholic High School. It will continue to guide the planning, development and future operation of the school.


Aerial view



Planning our school


Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools held a series of consultation meetings in late 2004 to examine what type of programming and facility would be needed for students living west of Circle Drive. Consultations were held with parent councils and youth from Catholic schools in the area, division staff, aboriginal organizations and the broader Catholic community.

In this first stage, community members were asked for input on what they thought were important aspects to consider in planning and building Bethlehem Catholic High School. A great deal of information was also gathered on how “things should be done differently” at this new high school.

A full report of the what was heard during consultations is available here, along with an abridged version.