The Great Depression – Research Topics


Several great novels were written about the 1920's and 1930's. This was a period of great poverty for most people who lived in North America. This research project with will help you gain a better understanding of the people who lived through this time in history.


The Great Depression - general information – links to sites on many topics - labour unions, relief efforts - 1930's timeline - 1920's events - search for specific topics at the History Channel


Causes of the Depression - Causes of the depression - Causes of the depression - causes and effects of the great depression


Life during the depression - Oklahoma in the 30's


People of the Depression - Personal accounts of the depression - 1920's people American life histories - Voices from the dust bowl - People and Events - Personal accounts of the depression


Fads and Fashion of the Depression - 1920's fads and fashion - 1930's fashion - 1920's fashion - men's fashion


Canada during the depression - Manitoba Hydro in the 20's - Brief Canadian history (1930 - 60 - Ottawa trek info on the 1930's - Ottawa Trek: main page - Relief camps - Regina Riot - Aftermath of the Ottawa Trek


Cost of Goods and Living in the 1930's - value of dollar 1913 - 2001 - costs in the 1930's - cost of living calculator


Stock Market Crash




Social and Cultural Conditions - Riding the rails during the depression


Women’s Role - suffrage - suffrage - suffrage


Franklin D. Roosevelt


Labour Movement


Organized Crime of the 1920 – 30 - prohibition - prohibition


Arts and Entertainment during the 1920's and 1930's - 1920's art - arts in the 1930's - 1920's literature - Art & exhibitions in the 30's - Film in the 1930's - Musical film in the 1930's - 1920's music - 1920's entertainment


Media during the 1920's and 1930's - Radio in the 30's - Newspapers & Magazines in the 30's


Technology and Inventions - 1920's inventions


Farming during the 1930's - farming / weather conditions - Sask. Farming history


Saskatoon during the 1930’s - city history - image gallery