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Sightlines 6 Curriculum Correlation

Resourcelines 6 Table Of Contents.

Sightlines 6 Assessment Rubrics.

Sightlines 7 Curriculum Correlation

Resourcelines 7 Table Of Contents.

Sightlines 7 Assessment Rubrics.

Sightlines 8 Curriculum Correlation

Resourcelines 8 Table Of Contents.

Sightlines 8 Assessment Rubrics.

Sightlines 9 Curriculum Correlation

Resourcelines 9/10 Table Of Contents.

Sightlines 9 Assessment Rubrics.

Planning Resources

Teaching Resources

Writing Frames


ELA90 Goals and Outcomes

Assignment Checklist

ELA90 Course Planner

Unit Resources Planning Sheet

Unit Activity/Assignment Planner

Unit/Lesson Planning Template

Strategy Teaching Summary

Language Cues and Conventions

Language Cues and Conventions Visual

Writing Process Portfolio

Sentence Writing Strategy ppt

Proofreading Guide Handout

Poem Analysis Handout

Newspaper Study

PENS / MARKS Assistant

Paragraph Writer's Assistant

Novel Study Guide


Paragraph Writing FRAME

Paragraph Writing FRAME 2

Paragraph Writing FRAME 3

Descriptive Writing FRAME

Pros/Cons Writing FRAME

Narrative Writing FRAME

Persuasive Writing FRAME

TPCASTT Template

Short Story Analysis FRAME

Essay Organizer

5 Paragraph Outline

5 Paragraph Organizer

Research Grid Sheets

Research FRAMEs

Bibliography FRAME



Character Sketch Example

Character Analysis Handout

Short Story Analysis Handout

Venn Diagram

Pre-unit Teaching Package

Commitment to Learn Rubric
Descriptive Rubric
Persuasive Rubric
Expository Rubric
Narrative Rubric
Persuasive Essay Rubric
Poster Rubric
Oral Presentation Rubric
Visual Rubric
Poem Rubric

Character Analysis Rubric
5 Paragraph Essay Rubric


Online Resources

Online Resources

Online Resources

Online Resources

ELA Curriculum documents

ELA Ready References

Office of the Treaty Commissioner

Purdue Online Writing Lab

U of Ottawa HyperGrammar

Read Write Think

Scholastic: Write It

Prentice Hall - Blue Pencil

Essay Writing Resources

Online Etymology Dictionary

Rubric Banks


Grammar and Composition

Learner.org 6 - 9 Curr. Lessons

Evaluating Webpages

Ask the Techies

Microsoft Word Tutorials


Digital Library

Shakespearean Insulter

PBS PuzzleMaker

Today's Catholic Educator


Canadian Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

CBC Digital Archives


Discovery Education - Streaming

Mercury Theatre On Air

LibriVox Audio Books

Poetry Archive - New to poetry

eBook Archive

Project Gutenberg wiki

Google Maps

50 Things to Do with Google Maps

Google for Educators

Google Earth

Shackleton Expedition

1906 San Francisco Earthquake

The Encyclopedia of Earth

CyberSchool ELA Resources


Outta Ray's Head resource Page

Center for Learning (ELA and History)