Unit 1Introduction to Biology 

Module 2:  The Microscope

Learning Objectives:  2.1

Lesson 1c:  The Microscope – Care and Handling

Lesson Objectives:

  • To develop proper techniques for the care and handling of microscopes.

Evaluation:  Activity

The are a number of important procedures to follow when using a microscope.  Review the points below.

1.  Always carry the microscope in an upright position with two hands.  One hand  should support the base and the other should be on the on the arm.

The individual on the left, obviously familiar with microscopes, is carrying the microscope correctly, while the person on the right should stay far, far away from lab equipment.
Correct Never... unless you want to own your own damaged microscope.
2.  Sunlight should not be used as a source of light for microscopes that have a mirror rather than a projection lens.

3.  Use lens paper and lens cleaning solution to clean the lenses on the microscope.  Paper towel will scratch the lenses. Use a soft cloth to clean other parts of the microscope.

Lens cleaning fluid and paper is a must. Do not substitute paper towel, which is far too coarse and will scratch the lenses.

4.  Always set your microscope on a clean, flat surface.

5.  Always remove slides from the stage and rotate the nosepiece to the lowest  power before returning the microscope to its storage area.

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