• Registration

    Registration can only be done by schools and not by individual students.
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  • Home Schools

    Credit recovery is an online solution designed to allow home schools to assist students in being successful in achieving their face to face credits.

  • Students

    Students cannot sign up for credit recovery by themselves. Credit recovery has to be set up by your home school.

Move Forward With Your Education

Credit Recovery Program The concept behind credit recovery is to provide a service for face to face schools. There is much research that explains credit recovery as a successful venture in retaining and motivating students to complete their high school. The relationship between Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School and face to face school is that the online school will provide the service of teaching the content and assessing the students.

The credit will be awarded by the face to face school.

The face to face schools will determine the units/modules required for a student to achieve credit recovery.

Only the face to face school can register a student in a credit recovery course.

Students cannot register themselves in credit recovery.

The grade (report card) will be sent to the registering professional from the face to face school.

Students need to complete the cyber school preparation course before they will be eligible to be enrolled in a credit recovery course.

The length of time given to the student to complete the credit recovery will vary based on the modules/units choosen by the face to face school.

Modules/units can be seen under the appropriate grade level tabs above.

No extensions will be given to credit recovery students.

Online teachers will not spend time on credit recovery students attendance and motivation.

Online teachers will work on educating and assisting the students in completing the requested modules/units.